At Cuemby, we work hard and have fun along the way. That’s how we breathe new life into our kick-ass codes and pixel perfect designs.


We are a tight-knit team of the brightest minds in art, engineering, innovation and community building that turns people’s dreams into reality.

Cuemby’s designs and engineering are not only means to create products that solve problems of today.

Our profound knowledge of the latest technology trends and passion for challenging the boundaries of ‘what is possible’ drive us to build a masterpiece that shapes the future.



Cristher J Castro
Partner, Chief Cheerleader.

B.A. Business Administration.

Angel R Ramirez
Partner, Nerd Chief Officer.

Hitomi Mizugaki
Partner, Creator of Opportunities.

M.B.A. Business Administration.


Associates & Staff

Adrian R Cardenas
Chief Sensei Architect.

Omar Escobar
Chief Solutions Creator.

Andres Perez
Chief Septum Manager.

Sebastian Bonilla
Sensei iOS.

Cristian Perez
Master Javascript.

Diego Giraldo
iOS Ninja.

Santiago Pelaez
iOS Ninja.

Julian Amortegui
iOS Ninja.

Sebastian Yepes
Javascript Assassin.

Stivenson Rinco
Javascript Assassin.

Sebastian de La Roche
Javascript Assassin.