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Kubernetes Community Days Colombia 2023

June 5 to 6, 2023

Hosted by:


Hybrid Event


Medellín, Colombia


600 - 800

Face-to-face capacity

1200 - 2000

Online capacity

KCD Colombia es un evento tecnológico para difundir, promover y posicionar las tecnologías de código abierto en LATAM, con un enfoque en la situación real de la región y las oportunidades que necesita.

¿Cómo los hackers explotan las aplicaciones Cloud Native? | LHK

March 23nd, 2023

Hosted by:

Jorge Silva

Online Event



Online capacity

5 p.m. COL


The growth of Cloud Native applications has transformed the way software development and deployment is done. While this approach offers many benefits, it has also brought new challenges to the security of our applications and systems. In this presentation we'll look at how hackers exploit Cloud Native technologies like Kubernetes, Terraform, and AWS.

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The Developer’s Conference

The Developer's Conference began in 2007 in Brazil, becoming the largest event for technology professionals in this country. During this time it has been performed in several cities. Our participation consists of being a spokesperson for Kubernetes technology equally supported by our powered Cuemby.

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