The most relevant Fintech event in Latin America

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April 4, 2023

Let’s keep the change rolling #FSL

Probably one of the most important Fintech events in Latin America has come to an end, Fintech Summit Latam. Possible by Frecuencia Money’s sponsorsored, amongst other companies, by MobiFin, Incode and Dock. From Cuemby we appreciate the Frecuency Money for being part of this event, work effortlessly to empower the Fintech ecosystem, together with companies such as: Pomelo, Ualá, Clip, Open Pay, Menta, Kueski, PayPal, Minka and Ethoca, was a true pleasure. We envision new great alliances and incoming joint work projects to continue propelling this industry (Linkedin group: Rise Up! Fintech).

We appericciate our panel co-hosts Google and Fiserv, that took part on spreading the word in Cloud transformation and platform trends.An undoubtedly enriching experience to contribute the cloud ecosystem.

If you missed the event and still find interest in knowing about ways of cloud eviraonments, do not worry cause we want to expand our role on the cloud journey. Our product, CCP, is a platform (PaaS) that marks all checkpoints, incorporating DevOps, Cloud Engineering and SRE in one place.

CCP successfully deploys, manages and runs distributed software, covering Kubernetes configuration, cybersecurity, networking, product delivery and application operation.

CCP runs in Cuemby Cloud and requires no installation. It consists of engines, each of which automates the management of key software infrastructure for secure, reliable and scalable software without requiring any expertise of them.

If you want to take the next step or any have any doubts , our support channels are here for you, let us solve all your company needs. You are in charge of change.

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