Create a Project

Select the Organization where you would like to create the Project and click on “Create”.

Fill in the name and description fields and add an image of the Project. Click on “Next.” You can create as many Projects as you want within the same Organizations.

Now, you need to add a Payment Method for the Project. A Payment Method is required for each Project. Once the information is saved, you can apply the same Payment Method to other Projects. Depending on the access permission, you may or may not have access to the Payment Method. Please fill out the credit card information, add a nick name of this Payment and click on “Next”.

Now we are in the last step of creating a Project. Select the subscription plan for the Project. We have three types of subscription plans that you can choose for each project: Pay As You Go (PAYGO), Bring Your Own (BYO) and Flex (mix between PAYGO and BYO).

Pay as you Go plan is for Organizations that need the platform to manage their workload while using Cuemby’s cloud resources. This plan charges per workload ($0.03 per workload for the US East).

Bring your Own plan is for Organizations that have their own cloud set up and uses Cuemby ‘s platform as a tool just to manage the nodes. This plan charges per node. ($50 per node).

Flex is a combination of Pay as you Go and Bring your Own.

Once you choose the plan and set a budget per month, click on “Create.”

We are currently working on the calculator so that you can easily set a budget. As a rule of thumb, if you continuously run one workload on Cuemby Cloud Platform for a month, it will cost you approximately $21.60USD (as of October 2023).

We successfully created an Organization and a Project and you can see them on the home page! You are now in the Project you just created(see the upper right corner).

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