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Cuemby Cloud Platform
Deploy quickly and easily your applications, reducing the time and resources required to bring new products to market. Focus entirely on what really matters with automatic scaling, continuous integration and deployment.
Cuemby Cloud Platform
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Who am I?
DevOps Engineer
Cuemby Cloud Platform offers automated infrastructure management, consistent deployment strategies, and seamless integration with your existing CI/CD tools. This means faster deployment cycles and reduced manual effort.
Site Reliability Engineer
Cuemby Cloud Platform provides a unified dashboard for real-time logs, auto-healing, and scalability. Our upcoming automatic vulnerability checks ensure proactive issue management.
Software Engineer
Cuemby Cloud Platform abstracts infrastructure management, allowing you to concentrate on coding. Our Cloud Native technologies ensure secure and consistent deployments.
Cloud Engineer
Cuemby Cloud Platform streamlines cloud infrastructure management, empowering Cloud Engineers for strategic architecture. With simplified deployment, a developer-centric approach, and robust security, Cuemby optimizes your operations for efficiency and innovation in the digital landscape.
Business Owner
Cuemby Cloud Platform accelerates business groth throught innovation, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. With faster time-to-market, flexibility, automation, and cost savings, Cuemby streamlines operations. Learn how Cuemby boost innovation and cost-effectiveness for non-technical business leaders.
Business Technical Lead
Cuemby Cloud Platform: A transformative solution for businesess. Seamlessly integrate, boost efficiency, innovate, save costs, and ensure security. Our guide empowers you to drive innovation, optimize resources, and gain a competitive edge. Unlock your business' full potential today.
Combining DevOps, Cloud Engineering and SREs in one PaaS
What we do
Combining DevOps, Cloud Engineering and SREs in one PaaS
Cuemby Cloud Platform is a cloud-based platform that streamlines the development process and allows teams to focus on creating great products rather than building and maintaining infrastructure. With Cuemby Cloud Platform, teams can quickly and easily deploy their applications, reducing the time and resources required to bring new products to market.
Cuemby Cloud Platform helps companies achieve faster time to market
Zero to Production in minutes rather than months reducing the time to market from 2 years to 6 months. We focus our services on being managed and hosted by Cuemby, implementing software best practices that are embedded in each service. Automatizing the entire software lifecycle allows users to run typical software features and functionalities without reinventing the wheel. With Cuemby Cloud Platform, teams can bring their ideas to life faster and more efficiently than ever before.

5x productivity

Less hiring

30% cost reduction

75% faster delivery

Security embedded CISO

Key features
Automated provisioning
Having the ability to deploy information technology or telecommunications services, you will be able to have automated procedures without requiring interventions.
Elastic infrastructure
Provisioning of preconfigured virtual server images, storage, and network connectivity. Utilized by customers using a self-service interface. You will be able to monitor information provided to information about resources. utilization required for traceable billing and automation of management tasks.
Multi-cloud management
Experiencing a set of tools and procedures that allows your business to monitor and secure applications and workloads across multiple public and private clouds.
Pre-built deployment Strategies
Being able to deploy different strategies is any technique employed by DevOps teams to successfully launch a new version of the software solution they provide, without the need of hiring new personnel.
Application management
Having application management services, that provides governance to ensure applications run at peak performance and as efficiently as possible.
Vulnerability checks
Having the ability  to check any vulnerability assessment is the process of defining, identifying, classifying, and prioritizing vulnerabilities in computer systems, applications, and network infrastructures. Choosing the right path for your organization.
Having the ability to trace tests forward and backward through the development lifecycle. Test cases will be traced forward to test runs.
Scalable systems
Having the capacity to accommodate a greater amount of usage. Some systems aren't at all scalable and can only handle exactly the amount of usage they were designed for. Scalable systems can handle extra usage, with different types of capacities in our platform.
You will be able to structure organizations for aligning their development strategy with the overall business strategy, using a formal framework that enables them to track and measure performance against specific strategic goals.
You will be able to secure cloud computing infrastructure and costs optimization.

Our experience

By believing in our knowledge and expertise, these companies have worked with us to undergo a digital transformation within their operations that has led them to a positive business impact by enhancing their operations and cost reduction.

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Deploy your applications with our infrastructure
Git Providers
Ready for deployment automation? Connect Cuemby Cloud Platform to one of the Git repository service providers we support.




Cloud Providers
Deploy your applications by connecting Cuemby Cloud Platform to one of the Cloud repository service providers we support.




How does it work?
An easy-to-use dashboard provides developers various ways to increase performance and to create applications with a few simple steps.
1. Add an Integration
2. Create an Application
3. Create an Environment
4. Create a Runtime
Start adding your first Integration
Adding an Integration means to connect Cuemby Cloud Platform to a Git repository service provider for deployment automation.
Learn more
Let's create an Application
An Application is a template with required information that serves as a guide for creating a Runtime.
Learn more
Then, create an Environment
An Environment is a space to deploy applications and is associated with a Project. By default, Cuemby Cloud Platform creates an environment when a project is created.

A Project can have multiple Environments such as production, staging, development, etc.
Learn more
Finally, create a Runtime!
It is referred to as a period of time when an application is running. In Cuemby Cloud Platform, a runtime also refers to an environment where an Application is design to run within.
Learn more
Take a look to Cuemby Cloud Platform documentation.
Get started with Cuemby Cloud Platform.
Our platform consists of 6 main layers that cover cloud infrastructure, DevSecOps & industry specific services.
Cuemby Unified Platform
Cuemby Enablement Platform
Cuemby Application Platform
Cuemby Infrastructure Platform
Cuemby Observability Platform
Cuemby Security Platform

Client Chronicles

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“Thanks to Cuemby, we went from having a few hiccups in developing a product to having peace of mind having a Kubernetes cluster and concentrating on improving the product itself.”

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