Reveal Engagement

Reveal Engagement

Streamline technical audits, ensuring thorough, efficient IT due diligence.


Profile the organization and technology landscape, Identify goals, objectives, and vision.


Focused on gathering information, analyzing it, and providing some key recommendations in a report.


Focused on high level proposals, demo/PoC/PoV, and initial scoping.


Focused on strategic planning, work prioritization, resource identification, and final scoping.

Advisory Services

We will walk with you as your resources or vendors execute the strategic plan to verify adherence with the spirit of the plan.

Professional Services

Cuemby provides options for services to support the remediation projects as identified thru the Reveal process, as well as strategic partnerships to apply.

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Reveal Engagement


DevSecOps As A Service

DevSecOps As A Service

Unleash your cloud and your platform. Let your developers thrive.


Definition of the scope of the project, including the goals, objectives, and timeline.

Solution Design

We will work with you to design a solution that meets your specific needs.


This includes the developing and testing of the solution, following Agile principles.


We will deploy the solution to the cloud, following best practices for cloud migration and deployment.

Monitoring & Support

Including security updates, bug fixes, and performance optimization.

Results & Analysis

We deliver comprehensive reports and robust data to empower informed decision-making.

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DevSecOps As A Service


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Cuemby Cloud Platform

Our cloud platform, powered by AI technology, simplifies the code-to-production process, accelerating innovation and deployment.

5x productivity

Less hiring

30% cost reduction

85% faster delivery

Security embedded

Cuemby Cloud Platform
Enhance Your Cloud Experience with the Cuemby Cloud Platform
What we do

Enhance Your Cloud Experience with the Cuemby Cloud Platform

Unlock the unlimited potential of innovation and efficiency with the cutting-edge Cuemby Cloud Platform! The platform has been carefully crafted by expert developers, keeping in mind the needs of modern-day developers. It streamlines cloud operations, fosters collaboration, and accelerates deployment. Experience the future of cloud computing today and turn your wildest ideas into reality with agility and ease. Get ready to take your business to new heights with the Cuemby Cloud Platform!

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Have superpowers with these features

Automated provisioning
Elastic infrastructure
Multi-cloud management
Pre-built deployment strategies
Application management
Vulnerability checks
Scalable systems
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What's in it for me?

DevOps EngineerArrows
DevOps Engineer
Cuemby Cloud Platform offers automated infrastructure management, consistent deployment strategies, and seamless integration with your existing CI/CD tools. This means faster deployment cycles and reduced manual effort.
Site Reliability EngineerArrows
Site Reliability Engineer
Cuemby Cloud Platform provides a unified dashboard for real-time logs, auto-healing, and scalability. Our upcoming automatic vulnerability checks ensure proactive issue management.
Software EngineerArrows
Software Engineer
Cuemby Cloud Platform abstracts infrastructure management, allowing you to concentrate on coding. Our Cloud Native technologies ensure secure and consistent deployments.
Cloud Engineer
Cloud Engineer
Cuemby Cloud Platform streamlines cloud infrastructure management, empowering Cloud Engineers for strategic architecture. With simplified deployment, a developer-centric approach, and robust security, Cuemby optimizes your operations for efficiency and innovation in the digital landscape.
Business OwnerArrows
Business Owner
Cuemby Cloud Platform accelerates business groth throught innovation, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. With faster time-to-market, flexibility, automation, and cost savings, Cuemby streamlines operations. Learn how Cuemby boost innovation and cost-effectiveness for non-technical business leaders.
Business Technical Lead
Business Technical Lead
Cuemby Cloud Platform: A transformative solution for businesess. Seamlessly integrate, boost efficiency, innovate, save costs, and ensure security. Our guide empowers you to drive innovation, optimize resources, and gain a competitive edge. Unlock your business' full potential today.

Our experience

By believing in our knowledge and expertise, these companies have worked with us to undergo a digital transformation within their operations that has led them to a positive business impact by enhancing their operations and cost reduction.

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Client Chronicles

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Carlos Andrés Henao

TI Infrastructure Lead


“Thanks to Cuemby, we went from having a few hiccups in developing a product to having peace of mind having a Kubernetes cluster and concentrating on improving the product itself.”

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