Angel Ramirez, ambassador of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation 2023

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April 4, 2023

Angel Ramírez, CNCF Ambassador 2023

Great news! The CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) has appointed Angel Ramirez, our CEO, as one of its new ambassadors in Latin America. A positive development for both the foundation and the cloud native community in the region.

As a CNCF ambassador, Angel Ramirez will play a crucial role in promoting the adoption of cloud native technologies and helping to build a vibrant community around them. CNCF ambassadors are highly respected experts in the field, and they serve as advocates and evangelists for the foundation and its projects.

Angel is an entrepreneur and technology leader with more than 15 years in software architecture, infrastructure and security with a focus on helping organizations achieve a successful cloud transformation journey. Due to his broad experience in implementing cloud native technologies and DevSecOps, Angel has supported several investment firms conducting technology assessments for their portfolios in LATAM, the United States, Asia, and Europe.

He presently sits on the Technology Advisory Board for DevNetwork and is a member of the exam curator team for The Linux Foundation (LF) and the CNCF where he also does public speaking and mentorship. He is also the founder of a non-profit organization, La Fundación Hispana de Cloud Native (FHCN), whose mission is to ensure that knowledge of cloud native and emerging technologies is available for the Hispanic community worldwide. In the past, Angel was in multiple leadership positions as a software engineer, architect and DevOps, building A-teams by empowering each engineer while working closely with the company executives to support the organization’s goals.

With his expertise and knowledge, he will advocate in educating and inspiring others on such technologies, including Kubernetes, Prometheus, etc. As well as helping connect Latin American developers and organizations with the broader CNCF community, providing opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

Thanks to this achievement, his vision of helping every organization to achieve digital and cloud transformation through automation and modernization is more possible than ever. He believes in the region, and that knowledge is the pinnacle of success for empowering a territory that lives and breathes Open Source.

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