Fostering communities lead to: my CNCF Ambassador journey

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November 7, 2023

Fostering communities lead to: my CNCF Ambassador journey

Every now and then, life presents us with a canvas, blank and vast, urging us to paint our destinies with bold and vibrant strokes. As I look back on my transition from a non-tech background to becoming a CNCF Ambassador, I see a masterpiece colored with the hues of dedication and unwavering commitment. 🌟

A Tech Tale Begins

Standing at the threshold of the tech world, I felt the allure of its intricate dance of algorithms and innovations. From that edge of curiosity and trepidation, my journey began not with a giant leap, but with the intention set in countless tech coffee chats, the diligence of contributing to open-source projects, and the vulnerability of sharing my story.

The Strength in Persistence

My path is a testament to those pondering a career shift or starting anew — your story could be echoed in mine. Engage deeply with projects, foster connections within the community, and let your journey resonate with others. The tech landscape is broad and embracing, awaiting the fresh imprints of diverse minds.

Embracing a New World

If you stand at the precipice of a tech venture, let the winds of courage fill your sails. The odyssey is fraught with challenges, but each hurdle vaulted is a testament to your growth, each step a landmark of progress.

The Collective Odyssey

Join me at KubeCon, where our collective paths intertwine, where we share the resolve to probe the depths of the tech domain together. Let’s uplift one another, celebrating every late-night triumph, each complexity unraveled, and every snippet of code that propels us toward our dreams.

More Than a Journey — A Life Lived Fully

My journey has been enriched by dual roles — navigating my identity as a Latina in the USA, and thriving as a co-founder beside my husband, a kindred spirit in technology. Together, we have discovered the relentless power of will and dedication, a synergy that transcends professional endeavors and fosters personal growth.

Motherhood and Leadership Interwoven

As a mother, I’ve nurtured not just the lives within my home but also the burgeoning careers within Cuemby. Motherhood has instilled in me the patience and resilience that I bring to my work, understanding that the seeds of today’s efforts blossom into tomorrow’s innovations.

A Latina’s Voice in Tech

In an industry where diverse voices are essential yet often underrepresented, my perspective as a Latina is not just an addition to the conversation — it’s a critical narrative that shapes and enriches the tech community. My journey is proof that a multicultural viewpoint can catalyze change and spark inspiration across global platforms.

Cristher Castro: The Heartbeat of Cuemby

Cristher Castro, our esteemed COO and co-founder, exemplifies the essence of Cuemby. Her expertise in curating and nurturing nearshore tech talent has been pivotal in sculpting a workforce that thrives on synergy and excels in performance. Her adept leadership, a beacon of past experiences, steers our company with precision and grace.

A Visionary’s Impact

Her visionary foresight has kept us agile, enabling a laser focus on creating rather than just servicing. Through her astute financial stewardship, what began as a self-funded venture has flourished into a trailblazing platform-as-a-service. Cristher’s role transcends the conventional — her commitment to the community has catalyzed landmark events and garnered accolades, paving the way for future tech conventions in Latin America.

The Quintessence of Cuemby

Her innovative spirit breathes life into our workplace culture, manifesting through initiatives like Cuemby Coin, which galvanizes team spirit, and virtual gatherings that reinforce our bond. Cristher embodies the spirit of Cuemby — a symphony of innovation, solidarity, and pioneering leadership.

As we surge forward, the Cuemby narrative is an ongoing saga of passion, discovery, and collective achievement. I extend an invitation to you to join us in this enthralling expedition, as we shape a world where technology, community, and personal narratives coalesce into something extraordinary. See more here.

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