How Open Source became a Deep-Dish Pizza for a Week

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November 15, 2023

How Open Source became a Deep-Dish Pizza for a Week

Greetings, fellow Kubernetes navigators! As we decode the latest binary beats from the heart of KubeCon, the convergence of LTS (Long-Term Support) and the quest for innovation has been the central code running through the event’s veins. With Calyptia’s key sponsorship supplying the backbone for this gathering, we saw tech maestros like Jeremy Rickard from Microsoft Azure orchestrate a symphony of stability and adaptability within Kubernetes.

The conference buzzed with discussions of AI’s expanding role in our cloud-native universe. Predictably, the spotlight was on “kubectl ai”, the latest command in our Kubernetes toolkit, thanks to the Microsoft-OpenAI alliance. Meanwhile, Google’s Tim Hockin zoomed out to a 10,000-foot view, plotting the vectors for Kubernetes’ next epoch, with AI/ML workloads looking to take the helm.

Nathan Taber of AWS (Amazon Web Services) took us on a deep dive into the Kubernetes engine room, revealing the gears of efficiency that drive our containerized world forward. Then, Jeremy Lewi of Sailplane AI (Artificial Intelligence) gave us a glimpse into the potential of Generative AI as a new architect in platform engineering, transforming our YAML blueprints into living, breathing infrastructures.

Adding a burst of practical magic to the mix, Cuemby stepped onto the stage at the Equinix Bare Metal booth, highlighting a two-day live demo where DevOps superpowers were not just a myth but a reality, proving the alchemy of turning complex deployments into a series of simple incantations and commands.

But let us not forget the Kubernetes Community Days (KCD) across Latin America, the grassroots gatherings where the Kubernetes wizards of tomorrow are conjured. These local conclaves are the crucibles where the fusion of community wisdom and technical prowess happens, strengthening the fabric of our global Kubernetes fellowship.

So, join me as we navigate the knowledge clusters harvested from KubeCon, through the lens of Calyptia and Cuemby’s sorcery, and the spellbinding dynamism of the Latin American Kubernetes community. It is a tale of collaborative spells being cast to conjure a future that is as stable as it is spellbindingly innovative.

In other news, Kubernetes Community Days (KCDs) in the Latin America region are swiftly gaining momentum. Notable upcoming events include the Sao Paulo — Brazil Event, which promises to be a significant gathering for the community. Details can be found at KCD Brazil. Additionally, the CCOSS + KCD Guadalajara is an event not to be missed, further details of which are available at CCOSS + KCD Guadalajara. Moreover, KCD Costa Rica is shaping up to be an exciting event, with more information accessible at KCD Costa Rica. There is also the anticipation for the soon-to-be-announced KubeDayKubeday and KCD Colombia, along with KCD Peru and many others on the horizon. This flurry of activity underscores the dynamic growth and enthusiasm within the Kubernetes community across Latin America.

Since 2019, Cuemby has proudly been a Silver Member of the CNCF. Our long-standing commitment to this foundation underscores our dedication to working intimately with communities to evangelize open source. Further solidifying our unique position in the market, Cuemby is honored to be the sole Kubernetes training partner and service provider offering services in both English and Spanish. Discover the Cuemby Differenceud! Dive into our rich partnership with CNCF and uncover the advantages of your projects. Let’s Discuss!

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