Cloud Native, Open Source and Kubernetes: Key tools in the tech world

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August 17, 2023

KCD Colombia 2023 arrives at KubeCon 2023

KCD Colombia has made its way to Amsterdam to discuss Cloud Native, DevOps, and Kubernetes. Join our CEO, Angel Ramirez, to explore how these tools are transforming the technology industry by tagging us on your preferred platforms at @KCDColombia!

Kubernetes is a widely used open source project for container management, adopted by Google and numerous other organizations since its inception in 2014. Its popularity continues to grow each day as it is a powerful tool for building cloud-native applications, representing the future of IT as they offer the ability to run applications anywhere, anytime with minimal downtime or data loss.

KubeCon Europe 2023 is an exceptional opportunity to gain insights into Kubernetes and cloud-native technologies. It provides a platform to network with companies that are driving significant changes in the industry, exchange new ideas, discuss current trends, and explore novel ways of transforming technology accessibility. The event is dedicated to promoting, advancing, and innovating cloud applications and services using container and open-source technologies, such as Kubernetes.

Attending KubeCon Europe can provide significant benefits for individuals and companies interested in container management and orchestration technologies. Some reasons to attend include:

  • Learning about the latest trends and developments in container technology and Kubernetes.
  • Gaining insights and knowledge from industry experts and leaders.
  • Participating in discussions and workshops on best practices and common issues.
  • Acquiring skills for deploying and managing applications in Kubernetes clusters using best practices from industry leaders like Google, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services.


Join KCD Colombia at KubeCon Europe 2023 to learn about the latest developments in container technology and Kubernetes. Connect with industry experts, participate in workshops and discussions, and discover new ways to transform your approach to technology. Even if you cannot attend in person, you can still register to attend the event virtually at a special price.

Don’t miss out on the chance to immerse yourself in the digital transformation!

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