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April 4, 2023

Learn Kubernetes by doing- Intro to the Library App

Kubernetes is the hot cloud technology in the tech world, yet getting a good grip on the technology can be daunting. It gets even more challenging when you have fewer opportunities to use Kubernetes in live projects and want to get the production-ready skills, but without the real-life experience, you won’t be ready to use them in production (like the frustration of a typical “entry-level position” that requires work experience).

We had been thinking, what would be a more interactive and fun way to learn Kubernetes and Cloud-Native technologies and make sure everyone gets hands-on experience?

So, we decided to set up an open-source project on Github and post tutorials on how to use Kubernetes and Cloud-Native technologies on YouTube and on Medium. By following the posts and participating in the project (or practice on your own), you are able to gain real-life skills.

We will be building an Integrated Library System or Library Management System using Kubernetes and Cloud-Native technology. Every week (or so), we will release a tutorial on YouTube and here on Medium.

The focus here is not so much on coding. The focus is on the implementation of Kubernetes and Cloud-Native technologies in this project, so we will not be covering portions that are not relevant to Kubernetes and Cloud-Native on our videos and blogs.

This is a community project, so please feel free to contribute! Your expertise will make this project better. If you are not so into Kubernetes but want to contribute to other parts of the project, such as working on the frontend part, we are more than happy to have you on board.

This is a long-term community project, and we hope to work together with anyone who is interested. We want this to be a living, breathing project and something that can impact the real world. So, once we are done, we want to donate it to any organizations that want to use it and hope to help set it up on Cloud or on-premise.

Let’s see where this will take us.

Our goal is for you to work on the actual open source project and get hands-on experience of Kubernetes and Cloud-Native Technology.

In our tutorials, we will not cover all the CNCF projects (there are too many!), but we will touch all the areas of landscapes so that you can learn why we use a certain tool over the other, how all the landscapes are connected and so on.

At the end of the video series, we would like to donate the project to libraries or any organizations that are interested in using, whether it is on a cloud or on-premise (well, Kubernetes is cloud-agnostic and can run on-premise).

And most importantly, let’s have fun!

You can subscribe to our blog here, YouTube channel and check out our repo on Github.

Please leave us comments and contact us on YouTube, Medium, and GitHub for questions, awesome ideas and more!

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