Transforming Mercedes-Benz’s Kubernetes Fleet Management with Cluster API

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September 28, 2023

Transforming Mercedes-Benz’s Kubernetes Fleet Management with Cluster API

Mercedes-Benz Tech Innovation has embarked on an impressive journey to optimize its Kubernetes fleet management. Faced with the challenge of a rapidly growing Kubernetes fleet and the need for efficient management across multiple cloud environments, they embarked on a transformational path by adopting Cluster API, a Kubernetes project designed to simplify cluster provisioning and management.


  1. Mercedes-Benz Tech Innovation GmbH, a subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz, heavily relies on Kubernetes in its tech stack. However, as their Kubernetes fleet grew rapidly, they encountered several challenges:
  2. Complex Infrastructure: Managing the growing fleet with a self-written Terraform pipeline became overly complex and hard to maintain.
  3. Multi-Cloud Objectives: They aimed to be better prepared for public cloud environments like AWS and provide multi-cloud configuration.


After extensive research, Mercedes-Benz decided to migrate to Cluster API, which provides a declarative API for Kubernetes cluster provisioning and management.

  1. Simplified Management: Cluster API enabled Mercedes-Benz to manage clusters using Kubernetes itself, reducing the number of frameworks and tools required.
  2. Multi-Cloud Compatibility: Cluster API’s design seamlessly works across various cloud providers and infrastructures, ensuring consistency in cluster management across different environments.
  3. Lifecycle Loop Repair: Cluster API replaced legacy cluster lifecycle management, resulting in a more stable and predictable infrastructure, significantly reducing Kubernetes cluster deployment times.
  4. Gradual Upgrades: Gradual upgrades became smoother, minimizing downtime and ensuring high service availability.
  5. Multi-Cloud Onboarding: The pluggable nature of Cluster API allowed for faster onboarding of new public clouds, facilitating scalability.
  6. Open Source Collaboration: Leveraging an open-source project allowed Mercedes-Benz to focus on its core business while benefiting from contributions and support from the broader community.
  7. Scalability: With Cluster API, Mercedes-Benz effectively manages nearly 1000 clusters, ensuring a scalable and reliable system.

Mercedes-Benz’s remarkable journey in optimizing its Kubernetes fleet management through the adoption of Cluster API demonstrates the power of cutting-edge technologies and solutions. Furthermore, the integration of the Cuemby Cloud Platform into their infrastructure management process has played a crucial role in optimizing their operations and achieving impressive results.

By harnessing Cluster API alongside the Cuemby Cloud Platform, Mercedes-Benz has effectively addressed the challenges of managing a complex and rapidly growing Kubernetes fleet. The combination of Cluster API’s declarative approach, multi-cloud compatibility, and enhanced infrastructure management has resulted in reduced deployment times, smoother gradual upgrades, and improved scalability.

As Mercedes-Benz continues to evolve its Kubernetes infrastructure, the synergistic relationship between Cluster API and the Cuemby Cloud Platform will undoubtedly remain a key driver of their success. This collaboration exemplifies the potential for innovation and efficiency when industry-leading technologies collaborate, ultimately empowering organizations to focus on delivering value to their users and achieving their digital transformation goals.

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