Frequently Asked Questions

CCP Product

Is CCP like AWS and Google Cloud?
Do I have to host my applications on CCP to use it?
Can CCP be a single point of failure of my software application?
How about Intellectual Property? Does CCP “own” my code base?
CCP is a PaaS. How is it different from well-known PaaS like Heroku and Firebase?
How do I start? Can I sign up online?
Why Cuemby?
You say CCP boosts productivity and reduces costs. Explain to me how the value I get as a customer justifies the cost.

All Other Questions

Does CCP allow only Cloud Native technologies?
What cloud providers can be used with CCP?
What are the benefits of using CCP?
What industries can benefit from using CCP?
Are there any risks of using CCP?
Is it difficult to run CCP?
Does CCP run on Kubernetes and Docker?
Can CCP used to support my blockchain network?
What solutions does CCP provide to software engineers without DevOps experience?
Does CCP have a control plane?
What is CCP's workflow?
How much does it cost to use CCP?
What type of organization does CCP focus on?
How can I start implementing CCP in my business?

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