RiseUp! Fintech

Rise Up! Fintech

Empowering your Fintech business through the broad-ranging ecosystem, don’t get lost!

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Strengthen the Fintech ecosystem worldwide by providing an educational space where none-existent before.


Become a global content platform of tools and solutions for the growth and innovation of the industry.

Rise Up! Fintech

A platform for the community by the community, created with the aim of propelling the Fintech landscape one company at a time. Possible through the efforts of the ecosystem itself via participants of the industry, thus facilitating the integration and strengthening of the community with content from and for experts. All diversity of segments and positions are welcome to participate in creating a future based on joint expertise, in a single virtual space where associations and development are the basis of success.

What are the main problems we discover?

Very technical information, scarce and of little scope.

Fintechs that do not remain in the market or have a very short life cycle.

Lack of tools for development at the educational level.

Abundant exposure in success cases, in contrast to failure cases.

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Our Goals

Position our platform as a solution for thecontinuous challenges of the industry.

Establish a community in the Fintech sector.

Create valuable content for Fintechs.

The use of Information Technologies andespecially the use of cloud native Technologies is what we do on a day-to-daybasis.

That's why our PaaS Cuemby Cloud Platform can help Fintech's journey through the benefits we offer by addressing 4 main variables providing your company a unique platform that automates cloud resources, performance and management:

Data Security


Cost Reduction


It has integrated governance & security with a DevSecOps focus and helps traceability and observability in FinOps.

We Have No Limits


This is a platform by the community for the community, so there is no cost in participating.


We have currently promoted +20 Fintechs and by Q1 2023 we hope to expand our scope to more than 80 exponents worldwide.


Every month we will have a week full of special guests, all around the world and Fintech sectors, with valuable content for the community.

How Will You Contribute?

You can choose the format that you like and master, such as blogs, articles, videos and live.

The theme will be chosen based on the knowledge you have or want to contribute to the community.

You will be provided with project tools (if necessary) such as images, webcasts, presentations, and even the platform itself, so you don't miss a thing.

Join the change!

Let’s create synergies by adding our best capabilities together!

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