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April 4, 2023

Three fundamental skills for entrepreneurs

Writing by:

Angel Ramirez

While visualizing the potential success helps for motivation, the boom of video content creators is creating a false sense of achievement. Instead of making it about luxury cars, houses, and lifetime, we have the social responsibility of explaining the process of being an entrepreneur. Focus on leadership, team building, and commitment as necessary skills to walk this journey. This article will examine three primary skills new entrepreneurs must learn and embrace to succeed.

Picture of the Cuemby team in 2019 with our CEO, Angel Ramirez on the far right
Cuemby Team 2019

1. As an entrepreneur, you are the lead and role model of your business, which means everyone in the organization will be counting on you to guide them. I can’t stress enough how important it is to learn to be an effective leader. A leader is not just about the title; it means being a good listener, knowing when to make a tough decision and when to show to your team that you are also human and admit your mistakes. A great leader is a doer and never requests a task that he won’t be willing to do himself.

“You must learn how to be an entrepreneur, innovate, but above all, you need to learn how to lead.” There are no shortcuts; unfortunately, leadership is a must to have skill if you are looking to have venture at all. (Drucker, 2014, p.143)

2. Another essential skill is the ability to build a strong and cohesive team. Most influencers and YouTubers show themselves as one showman. Still, the truth is that there is a whole team working with them, the video maker, the copywriter, the web guy, etc. and unfortunately, they fail to mention the need to have a team supporting you. Having a reliable, hard-working, and motivated team will give you full confidence to deliver your product. Running a business by itself is a lot of work, which means you must delegate to move faster, and you need an excellent team for you to empower with confidence.

“Your team needs reassurance; They need to feel secure.” They are expecting you to have the vision, the plan a and plan b, and you must share with them all the time and create a sense of ownership on every decision and outcome. (Buckingham, 2015, p. 133)

3. Last but not least, we must talk about commitment, a vital skill to even being able to call ourselves entrepreneurs. It is what drives the passion that your team will see in your every day and use it for their motivation. When you decide to be an entrepreneur, you will face challenges along the way, and your commitment level is what is going to give you the strength to keep moving forward when everything seems to be telling you that you should drop..

“All you can do is aim for decisions that reflect the best ideas of everyone, but most important is choices to which everyone is committed.” Meaning, don’t be afraid to fail or make a wrong decision as long as your team is committed. Mistakes must use it for learning examples instead of punishment, neither to you or your organization. (Reddin, 1969, p.237)

Participants in the Meetup Kubernetes Medellin 2019

Conclusion: Visualizing your potential success helps to motivate and set your most desired goals. However, you must focus on the process and developing all the skills required to achieve those goals. Once you become an entrepreneur, challenges will be your new regular, and you should be ready and equipped with tools to overcome them. Being an effective leader, building a five-star team, and staying committed are the most fundamental skills you need to succeed.

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