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Empower Your Team in DevSecOps and Kubernetes

The training aims to empower the organization to have sustainable and continuous cloud transformation by sharing the team with real-life knowledge of the Open Source and Non Open Source technologies. 
Why Choose Our DevSecOps Training?
At Cuemby, we offer a unique cloud experience for DevSecOps training.
Recognized Experts in DevSecOps and Kubernetes 
Our team of industry leaders shares their valuable knowledge and experiences in DevSecOps and Kubernetes. You'll learn from the best, those who have been at the forefront of these technologies. 
Practical Learning and Kubernetes Application 
We combine theory with real-world cases, addressing current industry challenges, including container management with Kubernetes. Practical application of knowledge is essential for a solid understanding and its relevance in DevSecOps. 
Comprehensive Understanding of DevSecOps and Kubernetes 
From fundamentals to advanced techniques, we ensure a deep understanding of this matter. You'll not only learn what to do but also why and how to do it, which is crucial for successful implementation. 
Tangible Results in DevSecOps and Kubernetes
The result is training that not only instructs but also empowers participants to tackle real industry challenges, including integrating Kubernetes into DevSecOps environments. Upon completing our program, your team will be prepared to apply DevSecOps best practices and leverage Kubernetes capabilities effectively. 
Strategic Delivery
DevSecOps and Kubernetes: A Strategic Combination 
The importance of Kubernetes in the context of DevSecOps is crucial. Kubernetes provides a robust platform for container orchestration and deployment automation, resulting in increased agility and security in the application lifecycle. Our training in DevSecOps and Kubernetes allows you to make the most of this strategic combination. You'll learn how to securely implement and manage applications in Kubernetes environments, leading to faster and more secure deliveries.
DevSecOps Culture Bootcamp
Training as a Service
We offer flexible and scalable DevSecOps training designed to enhance your organization's skills and capabilities. This training provides the tools and knowledge necessary to understand and adopt best practices in development, security and operations, adapting to the specific needs of your team.
At Cuemby we transform DevSecOps training into a unique educational experience. We stand out for:
Recognized Experts: Our team of industry leaders share their valuable knowledge and experiences.
Practical Learning: We combine theory and real cases, facing current industry challenges.
Comprehensive Understanding of DevSecOps: From fundamentals to advanced techniques, we ensure a deep understanding of the area.
*The result is training that not only instructs, but also empowers participants to face real challenges in the sector.
DevSecOps as a Service
At Cuemby, we recognize the vitality of a holistic integration between development, security and operations. Our proposal not only lies in offering a DevSecOps service that provides customized solutions for an agile and secure IT environment, but also in training professionals so that they can internalize and apply these practices in their organizations. To achieve this, we have designed a comprehensive training program.
Path to Cloud Transformation
Initial diagnostic
4 hours
Key Objectives
Evaluation of team's knowledge and previous experience in DevSecOps.
Introduction to DevSecOps
9 hours
Key Objectives
Fundamentals, evolution, benefits and key distinctions with DevSecOps.
DevSecOps Tools and Platforms
14 hours
Key Objectives
Develop and deploy a comprehensive security platform, enhancing protection and threat response capabilities in the DevSecOps environment
Integration and DevSecOps Platforms (Open-Source and non-Open-Source)
14 hours
Key Objectives
Exploration and optimization of essential tools.
Integration and Automation
10 hours
Key Objectives
Automation throughout the software lifecycle in Building, Testing, Deploying and Monitoring
Transformation Roadmap: Advancing Towards Improvement
9 hours
Key Objectives
Objective Definition: Precisely defining specific, measurable, and time-bound goals to guide decision-making and progress.

Defining Goals: Establishing clear, measurable objectives aligned with a mission to direct strategic actions.
Final review
4 hours
Key Objectives
Practical application and certification in DevSecOps Culture.

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