Before you begin

There are some requirements to use Cuemby Cloud Platform.

You must have your code archives in the code repository service provider. Currently, Cuemby Cloud Platform integrates with GitHub.

If your application requires environment variables, you can add it.

You will need to add a credit card to your account after the end of the free trial period (15 days) to continue service.

If you want to add a URL of your application, you need to set it up in your repository.

At this moment, Cuemby Cloud Platform has some limitations on what type of applications you can deploy. Cuemby Cloud Platform can deploy:

Containerized applications with a Dockerfile in the root of the application as well as applications that are not containerized.

What Cuemby Cloud Platform cannot deploy at this moment:


Infrastructure as a Code (IaC) projects - Terraform and Pulumi support will be rolled out in 2024.

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