Paas Services Agreement

Paas Services Agreement

This Agreement was last updated on September 25, 2023.

This PaaS Services Agreement (“Agreement”) governs Customer’s acquisition and use of Cuemby’s Services. If Customer registers for a free trial of Cuemby’s Services, the applicable provisions of this agreement will also govern that free trial. By accepting this agreement, by clicking a box indicating acceptance, entering a verification code for acceptance, executing an order form that references this agreement, or using free services, Customer agrees to the terms of this agreement. If the individual accepting this agreement is accepting on behalf of a Company or Other legal entity, such individual represents that they have the authority to bind such entity and its affiliates to these terms and conditions, in which case the term “Customer” shall refer to such entity and its affiliates. If the individual accepting this agreement does not have such authority or does not agree with these terms and conditions, such individual must not accept this agreement and may not use the services.

This Agreement includes and incorporates the Order Form, the Terms and Conditions and contains, among other things, warranty disclaimers, liability limitations and use limitations. There shall be no force or effect to any different terms of any related purchase order or similar form even if signed by the parties after the date hereof.

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