Pilot Use Agreement

Pilot Use Agreement

Customer acknowledges that Services use during the Pilot Period will be restricted to non-productive evaluation use. Notwithstanding anything else, in connection with such pilot/evaluation use (1) Pilot Use Fee specified in a separate agreement will apply, (2) THE SERVICES ARE PROVIDED “AS IS” AND IN BETA ENVIRONMENT AND NO WARRANTY OBLIGATIONS OF COMPANY WILL APPLY, and (3) Unless Customer explicitly notifies the Company of their intent to discontinue Services at least 10 days in advance of the end of the Pilot Period, this Agreement shall automatically continue in effect beyond the Pilot Period, transitioning Customer's account from the Beta environment to a general available production environment, with written notice from the Company regarding the launch of the production environment.

In instances where the Customer opts to use Services in a Beta environment, the terms and commitments outlined in the standard Service Level Terms shall not be applicable. This exemption is intended to accommodate the experimental nature of Beta testing, where certain functionalities, performance, and stability are being evaluated.

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