Way to use Cuemby Cloud Platform

Cuemby Cloud Platform offers 2 ways to get started: use Cuemby’s resources to deploy an application (Pay As You Go) or deploy to your own cloud resources (Bring Your Own).

Pay as you Go

Use Cuemby Cloud Platform's elastic infrastructure, paying only for what you use.

  • Sign up and implement.

  • No long term contract obligations or upfront fees.

Bring your Own

Excellent for organizations that want to have hybrid options (datacenters, public and private clouds) working as one.

  • Use Cuemby Cloud Platform with your own resources.

  • You can combine this model with Pay as You Go as well.

  • Available for multi-year contracts, as it may require an initial setup.

For those that are interested in baremetal resources, Cuemby offers Equinix Metal resource as an official sale partner.

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