How to connect your Git accounts

Cuemby Cloud Platform lets you connect to your code repositories so that you can use your code base in your Project.  

To connect your Project to your code base, you need to make an integration with your GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket account. To set it up, first go to the menu and open “Integration” and select the “Git Provider” tab.  

If you have not made any integration, you see an empty page. Let’s click on “Create” to connect your account. 

Please note that even if you use a Git Provider to create an account, you are still required to create an integration with the workspace that you would like to use on the platform.

Let’s name the integration we are going to create. You can use lowercase, numbers, and dash but no spaces and special symbols are allowed. Then, choose a Git Provider that you are going to integrate with.

You might need to go through an extra step to authorize the platform to integrate with GitHub if you didn't register with the repository service provider.  Click on “Authorize” to proceed.  

Once you are connected, you are asked to select a workspace to link your repository provider. Your personal workspace is selected by default, but you can also choose from the Organizations you created. Let’s select my personal account and click on “Update.”  

Now your project has been integrated with a Git Provider account. This will allow you to select your repo to create an Application “How to Set up an Application”.

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