How to invite Users

In Cuemby Cloud Platform, you can invite Users to your Projects to collaborate. To invite Users to a Project, you need to set up an Organization and a Project. Please refer to other guides on How to set up an Organization.

Before you start, make sure that you are in the right Project which you are inviting other users to. Let's click on the top menu and select “Users.” You can also simply click on “Users” tab to go to the page.  

You don’t see anything here because we don’t have any Users yet. Click on “Invite” to invite other Users.

You need to complete the User information to invite the User. Enter the name and e-mail. Make sure that you are in the right Project. You also select the role that you assign to the user. Once you select a role, you can see the permissions related to the Role.

If you want to invite this person to another Project, click on “Add User to another Project” and select the Project you want to invite the person to and assign a Role.

If the Role that you want to assign isn’t created, please click on “Create role” and fill the name and permissions and actions of the role. The detailed guide on how to create a Role can be found here: Set up user role. After you fill out the information, click on “Invite. ” We have successfully invited a new User!

The user that you have invited will receive an email:

If they accept the invite, click on “Manage Invitation” in the e-mail. It will take the new User to Cuemby Cloud Platform Home page.  Or you can sign up with the e-mail that was used to be invited to the Project and will see the invitation in the home page.

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